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About Anna


"If all women truly understood the power they hold, through claiming their rite of birth, the world would dramatically change."


Anna is a Former Midwife, Woman's Work Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and Coach who's spent over a decade holding sacred space for women in Circle, One on One Sessions and walking alongside women and their families through the Transformational Rite of Passage that is Birth.

Anna has a depth of embodied wisdom when it comes to both the physiology of birth and the spiritual aspects of birth and combines her knowledge in her own birth work as a spiritual midwife as well as a mentor for others through her courses and coaching.

In her Sacred Birth Worker Mentorship Program Anna teaches about natural, physiological birth and how to hold a safe, sacred and spiritual birth space.

After years of working at home, in birth centers and hospitals and being a part of the broken maternity system that causes 1 in 3 women to experience birth trauma she chose to step out on her own as an educator and change maker and actively work to speak the truth about the power of natural physiological birth and expose the over medicalized maternity system for the harm it is causing women, babies, families and the world at large.


Today she educates and coaches thousands of women on a daily basis through her online courses, coaching, mentorship program, podcast and social media platforms in claiming their rite of passage and optimizing their chances of having an empowering and natural birth and a nourishing postpartum.


She's on a mission to educate about the empowerment possible through physiological natural birth and works fiercely every day to change the fear based birth narrative around the world through sharing natural and positive birth stories on her own podcast The Natural Birth Podcast, as well as being a guest speaker on select podcast, world wide summits and events.

She speaks of birth as a rite of passage and an everyday miracle that has the power to change the world.

How you can work with Anna


Be a part of her private community by join her beloved Maiden, Mother & Maga Village

  • Monthly Worldwide Online Sharing Circles & Q&A hosted by Anna
  • Online Community space and chat groups
  • Library of resources & videos
  • Anna is very present in her community and always takes time to answer your questions personally.


Take one of Anna's popular online courses:


World Wide Coaching

  • 30min session
  • 1.5hr session
  • The Bundle + 1.5hr session
  • Birth Trauma Healing (2 sessions)
  • Coaching Package (including The Bundle)

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IRL & Virtual Birth Work - Employ Anna as your Sacred Birth Worker

Anna only have a few availabilities per year - Read more & leave an expression of interest here Birth Work


Want to get to know Anna deeper? 

Listen to Anna's episode "Midwife to Midwitch - Anna's Story" below or hear her one of the podcasts she's been a guest on.

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Freya Light

Host of Remembering Birth

"When she said 'if we birth our babies our way, the world would know peace' my heart skipped a beat."


Host of Hey Mumma

"We loveeeeeeed recording this! Anna's wisdom and insights for a nourishing postpartum are incredible!"

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