Welcome to The Village


Come Weave Magic with us Sister


Calling all the Women back to The Village!


Have you felt the Aching Longing in your Blood and Bones?

The Longing to belong to a Village of women walking alongside you through your life and rite's of passages?

A Sisterhood who Nurtures and Supports you, as you navigate living in Harmony with your own and Mother Natures Heartbeat and Cycles.

Do you know, in your deepest heart and soul, that we were never supposed to live this independently and isolated to each other as we are in our Modern UnNatural World?

Then The Maiden, Mother & Maga Village is what you have been longing for...


In our Village you will find

The Women who Know that they carry Magic within their Wombs.

That Know They are Powerful, Sovereign and Holy by Nature.

The Natural Ones.

The Mystic and Healer Ones.

The Seers and the Visionaries.

The Midwives and Wise Ones.

The Change Makers and Rebel Ones.


Does it sound like somewhere you belong, dear heart?

Then Come Weave with us Sister!

We've been waiting for you...



The Maiden, Mother & Maga Village

Let us invite you into the Heart of our Village

Disconnect from the noise and outside world around you and tune in to our loving sisterhood who's got your back, where you can talk about what's Truly Important to You and be Fully Your Self.

  • Share what's happening in your world and body, mind and soul in our Monthly Village Sharing Circles and through Heart Sharings inside our Community Space's.
  • Connect with Likeminded Women from all around the World and make life long sisterships with sisters you otherwise would never meet.
  • Pop on our Monthly Mama's Q&A to get advice, share experiences with other Mamas and ask Anna all your pregnancy, birth and postpartum questions!
  • Share and take part of Resources, Woman's Wisdom Shares and Feminine Practices shared by Anna and our Village Sisters, whenever you want, 24/7, all year around.
  • Co:create with us as we weave the magic that women conjure together in sacred spaces.


It’s time to nurture yourself like never before, in a Village that never stops giving.

Our Village Community Portal

Inside our Community you will find an ever growing Village of Likeminded, Natural & Conscious Women from all Walks of Life, Ages and the World.

Ask questions or share your heart, and Receive in an Abundance of Feminine Wisdom, Love and Support.

Monthly Village Sharing Circles

Meet the other Village Women Face to Face at our LIVE online sharing circles each month.

Deepen your connection to your Village Sisters by witnessing them where they are at in their human glory and messiness.

And allow them to hold space for you in whatever you are feeling and going through at the moment.

Be guided by Annas gentle voice in feeling and witnessing all that is present for you in that moment, to allow it to heal and transform.

A truly and deeply Nourishing Circle for All.

Support for Mama's

There are a lot of Mama's in the Village who work with Anna 1:1 or take her courses as well as her mentorship program.

You get the unique opportunity of receiving support and advice from them, as well as Anna who's very active in The Village.

Find strength and solace from the honest and authentic sharings from other mamas and feel seen and validated for the amazing job you are doing.

You are not alone!

Your tribe is here waiting to support you!


Interactive Monthly Events / Village Challenges inside The Village

Join Anna and the other Villagers every month in Self Love, Self Growth & Development or other Fun Interactive Challenges to deepen into your:

  • Feminine Embodiment
  • Strengthen The Village Community Spirit
  • Your Own Connection to Self and your Spirituality.


The Monthly Events /  Challenges is a fun and playful way to get to know each other in the village in between our Sharing Circles.


Resource Library

Search for whatever you are looking for under topics such as;

  • Fertility Awareness & Moon Blood & Womb Wisdom
  • Conscious Living & Healthy Relationships
  • Feminine Spirituality, Ceremony & Ritual
  • Wise Woman Remedies & My Conscious Kitchen, Detoxing & Cleansing
  • Conscious Conception, Natural Birth, Breastfeeding & Nourishing Postpartum tips
  • Birth Stories & Healing from Birth
  • Conscious Parenting and All about the Baby & Toddler, Home Schooling
  • Art, Communities, Sovereignty 

Uncensored & Safe

Unlike Facebook Groups, our Village is kept on our own platform where what you share is kept Safe & Uncensored.

The Women drawn to the Village are heart centered and emotionally mature, full of integrity and kindness in their ways of relating.

The Village is being cared for by community angles as well as Anna herself to always ensure a loving and safe space for all. 

Sacred Circles


The Heart of The Village are truly the Monthly Sharing Circles where we All Gather.

Maiden, Mother's (with or without babies) & Magas.

To Witness what is Present within us and for All of Us.

To Share from the Heart.

And be Received by our Sisterhood in total Acceptance and Love, guided by Anna.


I'm Anna.

Many would describe me as a Feminine Leader, A Women's Work Facilitator and Space Holder, Radical Birth Worker and Passionate Women's Rights Advocate.

But in reality, I am Just Me.


A Simple and Natural Minded Woman.

Who really longs for true connection, simplicity in life and most of all, a loving and natural community around me.

So grateful for all the women who have already joined me inside the Village. For the deep conversations we have had in our sharing circles, the support I have received and been able to give and the journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetically being Who We Are inside our Sisterhood.

I hope you'll join us too, sister!



"Anna is an amazing holder of sacred space, she is a true bearer of light and whatever she offers is with the utmost integrity and warmth of heart. She brings community together and radiates the kind of beauty that comes from deep within, she is a temple goddess who leads with a gentle feminine flow offering a banquet of delicious practices to bring you back to yourself. She is a free spirited women who will make you feel welcome and part of a sisterhood "


"I so deeply love Anna's circles! Her circles are full of heart, love, safety, truth and depth. Being in this space stirred something deep inside me and woke me up to the power we hold within us as women."


"What an amazing experience. Anna is a true goddess. It is so very moving to be with such feminine energy and to feel so safe within the circle of sisterhood. We share stories, wisdom, emotions...all in such a sacred space. This is life changing....life affirming and an absolute blessing to be within the circle."


"I can honestly say that these circles have changed my life!
Anna creates and holds a space for women that feels ancient, potent, sacred and safe - and with her inspired guidance and feminine embodiment practices I have awakened dormant parts of my landscape, reconnected to and enlivened my feminine energy centres and stepped fully into my power.
A true advocate for the rise of the feminine and the healing of the sisterhood I can't recommend this woman and her work highly enough!"


Want to join us, dear heart?

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