The Sacred Birth Worker Mentorship

Starting 26th of August 2024


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The Sacred Birth Worker Mentorship Program

Starting on the 26th of August 2024


A Full Year of being Held & Supported by Anna & your Community of Peers as you step into Embodying being a true Space Holder & Sacred Advocate for Physiological Birth.



A 6 Month Mentorship Program

  • Monthly Private 1:1 Mentoring Session with Anna (value $1890)
  • Monthly Live Group Master Classes (value¬†$1200)
  • Monthly Group Q&A & Support Circles (value¬†$1200)
  • Access to an Online Learning Portal with Pre-recorded & Written Material (Value 10K+)¬†(life long access!)¬†
  • Access to an Online¬†Supportive¬†Sacred Birth Worker Mentorship Community (value¬†$1000 for the full year)

A Full Year of

  • 24/7 support from Anna & your peers in building your soul aligned Sacred Birth Advocate & Space Holder Business (value¬†$1000 for the full year)
  • Time to integrate and implement all that you have learnt during the intensive 6 months with the continued support from your online community of peers.¬†¬†
  • Monthly Q&A's & Birth Debriefing Sessions with Anna & your peers. (value¬†$2400)

Welcome to a Mentorship Program like no other...

By Weaving Ancient & Modern knowledge of Herstory, Women's Wisdom, Physiological Birth Skills, Birth Advocacy, Medicalized Birth Knowledge & The Art of Sacred Space Holding, this program is unique to it's kind as it also offers transformational 1:1 Mentoring with Anna, personally assisting you in becoming the clear channel and best space holder you can be.


You will be Held, Nurtured & Supported for a whole year inside our world wide Community as you learn & embody the teachings & skills, and start sharing your gifts with the world.


Through Monthly Live Master Classes, Q&A's, Sharing & Support Circles, Peer to Peer Meetings, Access to Pre-Recorded Materials in our Online Learning Portal, as well as 1:1 Mentoring Session with Anna, this program is like no other in it's depth of value & the amount of support you'll receive. 


After the 6 months mentoring program you will continue to have access to the Online Learning Portal & Community Space, with all recorded Master Classes. As well as continued support through our Monthly Q&A's / Support & Debriefing Circles for another 6 months as you are nurtured and cared for by Anna and your peers as you step out into your own community, offering your work to the world.


The Mentorship Program is only available to a small cohort each enrollment to hold a deep & safe space for learning, growth and embodiment.


Total Value of The Mentorship $17690

Current Offer ONLY $3300!

Monthly Master Classes


Each month we start with a Master Class covering that months theme and weaving ancient & modern wisdom & knowledge.

You will then go off to deepen that knowledge through the learning portal, recommended readings & other materials as well as 1:1 mentoring with Anna.

Monthly 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with Anna


Every month you get to sit in sacred mentoring space with Anna to unravel, deepen, grow and heal parts of you necessary to embody the fullness of who you are capable of being. Becoming a clear channel and space holder for the rite of passage of birth and a sacred advocate for women & their families.


Monthly Q&A & Support Circle's


Going through the program there will be plenty of support provided for you. At the end of each month you will get to sit in a Q&A circle with Anna and your Peers to deepen into that months learnings & teachings.

To ask questions and to be supported on your unique journey as well as to be able to support others.

Online Learning Portal

The online learning portal will provide video lessons, written materials, practices, recommended reading/watching/listening material.

It is Rich & Comprehensive with Evidence Based Research and Materials that most midwives don't even know about.

You get life long access to the learning portal to refer back to and have as a reference for your clients.

"I feel so completely supported moving forward with my clients. I have a HUGE inventory of resources to pull from."

- Emilie (former nurse)

Online Community & Monthly Birth Debriefing Sessions

1 year access

A space to share your own and learn from others home play, assignments, practices, reflections and learnings throughout the program.

Deepen into a life long sisterhood that will be your greatest support as you step into your role as sacred space holder for birth.

Monthly Support & Debriefing Circles.

Private messaging with your peers.

Access to Anna and all her wisdom and support.

Continued Support

Unlike other trainings & program in this field, you will have 24/7 access to support, community and the ongoing mentoring from Anna during your year in the program and beyond for as long as you desire.

Birth work is a life style that no one else truly will be able to understand and Anna understands the need for a supportive community and the opportunity for debriefing and continued learning through storytelling and shared experiences.

That's why she will offer all mentorship students exclusive access to the Online Community.

The 10K+ Learning Portal Categories

Cultivating Yourself as Sacred Space Holder

  • Overview Module
  • Sacred Sisterhood - the Foundation of Being with Woman
  • Sisterhood Code
  • Introducing The Art of Sacred Space Holding
  • Herstory
  • Sisterhood Wound
  • Women's Rite of Passages
  • Your Red Thread
  • Your Maternal Lineage Birthing Wisdom
  • Your Own Birth Story
  • Epigenetics & Trans Generational Trauma
  • Your Menarche
  • Being a Cyclic Woman
  • Moon Blood Ceremonies & Rituals
  • Mother Nature as our Teacher, Healer & Space Holder
  • The Wheel of The Year & Embodying being a Conscious Woman
  • The Witch Wound
  • Deepening your relationship with your Intuition
  • Heal, Open & Reclaim your Voice
  • Feminine Sexuality
  • How to Nourish and Open the Feminine
  • Start the Dreaming & the Weaving
  • Become a Feminine Leader in your Life & Community
  • Being a Sacred Space Holder for others
  • Practices to Help you Embody the Space Holder
  • Your Voice as Space Holder
  • How to create Safety in 1:1s & Group Settings
  • Practicing Holding Sacred Space
  • How to Plan & Facilitate a Woman's Circle or Ceremony
  • Create & Facilitate Your First Offering
  • Mother Blessing Ceremony¬†

Feminine, Spiritual & Self-Development Practices Library

  • Connecting with the Heavens & the Earth
  • Being able to Be with Big Emotions/Experiences
  • Connection Heart & Womb through Sound
  • Ho'oponopono - practice of forgivness
  • Womb Journey - creating a connection
  • Womb Journey - messages
  • Healing Womb Relationship
  • Healing Yoni Journey (vulva, pelvic floor, vagina, womb)
  • Awakening through Sound
  • Womb Embodiment Dance
  • Ancestral Women's Wisdom
  • Connecting into the Collective Consciousness
  • Feminine Embodiment Practice - Moving with Pleasure
  • Feminine Embodiment Practice - Touch of the Goddess
  • Feminine Embodiment Practice - Breast Massage
  • Feminine Embodiment Practice - Abhyanga
  • Kundalini Yoga Wisdom
  • What is Kundalini Yoga
  • The Power of Eye Focus
  • The Power of Breath
  • Breathing Techniques¬†
  • The Power of Bhandas
  • The Power of Mudras
  • The Power of Mantra
  • What is a Kryia
  • Kriya - Calling Upon & Embodying the Primal Feminine Power
  • Kriya - Clearing Karma
  • Kriya - Vibrating as One with the Divine
  • Kriya - Embodying Radiance & True Power
  • Kriya - Healing
  • Kriya - Protection from the Great Mother
  • Self Care as a Sacred Birth Worker
  • Shaking Medicine

Sacred Conception & Pregnancy

  • Discovery Call with New Client
  • Anna's Interview Questions walk through with Case Study
  • Fertility & Conscious Conception
  • Conception, Due Dates & Baby's Life in the Womb
  • Space Holding in Pre-pregnancy
  • TTC, IUI, IVF, Pregnancy Loss/Early Birth & Stillbirth & Neonatal Death
  • Holding a Spiritual Space for Loss - Loss from a Spiritual Point of View
  • Mama Allisons Stillbirth Story & Advice to Birth Workers
  • Female Anatomy
  • Preparing for Birth: Vulva, Vagina, Perineu & Pelvic Floor
  • Baby Positioning
  • Exercise in Pregnancy
  • Nutrition in Pregnancy
  • Natures Wisdom for Pregnancy & Birth
  • Cultivating Self Trust, Doing the Work & Taking Responsibility
  • Trusting your Body Wisdom - Coaching Tool
  • Re:Programming the Subconscious mind
  • Dream Birth Vizualization
  • Working with Fears
  • Importance of practicing Relaxation, Mental Focus & Breath in Pregnancy
  • Birth Trauma Healing
  • Mental Health & Mother - Infant Relationship in the Womb
  • Birth Place & Care Provider Options
  • Informed Consent & BRAIN & Assessing Risk
  • Finding Good Quality Research for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
  • Antenatal Care Appointments
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Antenatal Tests Overview
  • Blood Tests & Antibody Screening
  • Ultra Sounds & Genetic Testing
  • Group B Strep Test
  • Gestational Diabetes

Physiological Birth

  • The Blueprint of Physiological Birth
  • What is Physiological Birth
  • The Hormones, Nervous System & The Womb
  • Hormones & The Nervous System in Birth
  • What Supports Physiological Birth
  • What Disturbs Physiological Birth
  • The Amazing Work of the Womb
  • The Physiological Process & Stages of Labour
  • Signs of Labour Approaching & Stages of Labour
  • Separation / 1st stage - Early Labour
  • Liminality / 1st stage - Active Labour
  • Transition
  • Emergence / 2nd stage - Birth
  • Natural Birth Support & Pain Relief
  • Active Birth
  • Water Birth
  • Pelvis in Birth & Positions
  • Natural Pain Relief Techniques & Props
  • Your Role in Physiological Birth
  • The Natural Birth Process
  • Cultural & Indigenous Birth Practices Around the World
  • Natural Birth Videos

Sacred & Nourishing Postpartum

  • Maiden to Mother
  • Integration / 3rd Stage
  • Get to Know the Placenta
  • Placenta Rituals & Practices
  • Lotus Birth
  • Golden Hour after Birth
  • Outdated/Harmful Practices
  • Breastfeeding initiation
  • New Born Baby Check
  • Vitamin K Injection & Hepatitis B Vaccine
  • Mother Assessment
  • Immediate Postpartum Care & Your Role
  • Healing the New Born Mother
  • Nourishing Postpartum Traditions & Practices from Around the World
  • Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually Postpartum
  • Your Role Postpartum
  • The Benefits of Breastfeeding & Breastfeeding Resources
  • Breast Anatomy & Establishing Breastfeeding
  • Good Latch & Attachment
  • Baby Led Attachment
  • Mama Led Attachment
  • Breastfeeding positions
  • How to Know Baby is getting Enough Milk
  • Baby's first week of Life
  • Baby Communications
  • Baby Elimination Communication
  • Crying & Settling Techniques
  • Bathing Baby
  • Baby Massage
  • Tummy Time
  • Safe Sleeping

Medicalized Birth

  • The "Normal" Birth
  • Normal Birth in our Medicalized Birth World
  • CTG
  • Tearing & Hands on / Hands off & The Perineal Bundle
  • Epidural - Risk & Benefits
  • Obstructed Labour & Failure to Progress
  • Caesarean Birth
  • Variations of Normal
  • Breech
  • Twins
  • Induction Epidemic
  • Stretch & Sweep & Natural Induction Yay or Nay?
  • Induction
  • Induction in Late Pregnancy
  • Risk Factors warranting an Induction. True or False?
  • Complications & Emergencies
  • True Emergencies
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage¬†
  • Baby Resus
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Cholestasis

Sacred Birth Advocacy

  • What is Sacred Birth Advocacy¬†
  • The Law & a Woman's & Children's Human Rights
  • Transfer to Hospital & Your Role
  • Birth Plan A & B
  • Your Role in a Medicalized Birth

Sacred Business, Marketing & Attracting Ideal Clients

  • Setting up your Sacred Birth Worker Business
  • The Basics
  • Branding Inspiration
  • Attracting your Ideal Client
  • Creating & Pricing your Offerings

What some of the Mentees are saying about the program..

Britney (Utah, US)

"This mentorship has been beautiful, challenging and inspiring. I have found myself going to places I didn't expect. It feels much more like a deep journey into self than simple a doula training. The things we have learned and explored so far will stay with me forever and I know they will have positive ripple effects on my daughter and generations to come."

- Yoga Teacher

Linda (Sweden)

"It's really no ordinary doula training that Anna has created. But it was precisely in these areas that I missed learning and understanding what birth means for a woman. Which I have not received anywhere else."

- Doula

Malin (Sweden)

"Do you want to hold space for birthing mothers? Are you ready for life as you know it to end? Here is a life altering mentorship! It is changing my life forever. It's huge. But I love it so much and Anna is amazing. Love that there is so much different materials to dive deeper into. In text or podcasts or videos etc. It's lovely."

- Soul therapist

Marie (Germany)

"Life changing, deep, profound, empowering, eyeopening, connecting and a love letter to being woman. Deep sigh! And I feel the truth of this. I almost want to cry about this because every cell of my body feels awake in this moment"

- Yoga teacher

Angela (Canada)

"I would say that this mentorship is life changing and the most deeply healing and heart expanding experience I have ever had. It invites you to journey deep within yourself and reclaim the power of the divine feminine, your sexuality, your lineage/ancestors and your connection to heart/womb/body/self. The mentorship invites you to journey to the depths of your soul to heal sisterhood wounds, witch wounds, birth imprints and generational trauma that has been laying dormant and impacting your past, present and future without your conscious awareness. Anna holds sacred space along with all the other sisters in the circle to hold you and nurture you as you engage in this depth of healing."

- Palliative Nurse

Aga (Poland)

"I'd say that it's an amazing way to get to know yourself as a woman. To discover all those hidden things like sexuality, pleasure, femininity that were hidden from us for so long. To get rid of the shame and understand that we are feeling beings with traumas, needs, wants and desires that all have to be embraced and loved. I think the mentorship can truly help someone become a great doula/midwife but also a self loving woman"

- Doula

Emily (Maine, US)

"This mentorship is not for everyone. There is a certain type of soul calling and embodiment that is required.

I left a career in the healthcare industry in the name of medical freedom with a sure-fire desire to serve in the birth world. I have a rebel heart. That's only just a precursory requirement. It goes so much further than that.

What I am discovering after just two months of mentorship is not only freedom but LIBERATION. True real embodied liberation.

The mentorship’s intention is to cultivate sacred space holders for birth and sacred physiological birth advocates.

This requires a full on excavation of our cellular imprints, lineage traits, collective wounding; a house keeping effort that leaves no crack nook or cranny untouched.

It's a true initiatory journey that Anna is taking us on. All with a simple invitation. We get to make the decision, the free will choice, to go deep; to look within ourselves and ask and answer the questions that define us.

To be a sacred space holder one must be a clear channel- this is not some woo-woo or foo-foo lingo. It’s the truth.

I have to be conscious of what I am bringing into that holy sacred vast and powerful portal that is birth. Every thread of energy matters. That means every intent, thought, action, word, and resonance. Every drop matters.

So we unearthed Herstory, our red thread lineage, our own birth imprints, our blood rites or first menarche, our own birth portal experiences, our relationship to our bodies, sacred yoni’s, sexuality and more.

The container set and held is solid and deep. We get to be witnessed by a cohort of vetted sisters that have agreed to also take the plunge. We listen to each other with our full hearts. We get to be witnessed as we unravel and weave ourselves back together.

This mentorship is most certainly not a ‚Äúdoula‚ÄĚ training. Oh no. It is a soul calling. It requires 100% commitment to yourself, your future self and the women within the cohort.

It is a reclamation of the Divine Feminine. It is a re-membering of the Matriarch. It is healing the collective Witch and Sister wound and so much more.

If you would like to know what liberation looks, feels and tastes like; if you want to be a part of the true healing needed so desperately within humanity on our planet today; if you wish to serve at the birth altar or anywhere within its sphere- women’s circles, preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, our blood rites, then I invite you to lean in.

Anna has set a container that can hold you, wherever you may be along the path. If you feel the call, it’s time to answer."

- Former Nurse


Who is this Mentorship for?


For you who want to walk alongside women through her Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother and provide a Safe, Sacred & Physiological Birth Space.

Who recognizes Birth as a Sacred Portal & a Life Altering Event worthy of Honoring, Safe Guarding & Celebrating.


It is for the Mystics, Mothers, Maidens & Magas.

The Nurturers, Healers, Birth Workers, Midwives, Doulas & Nurses.

For the Seers & Visionaries, Shamans & Change Makers & you the Rebel Ones.


This Mentorship Program is for you who feel a Deep Calling to Serve as the Custodian of the Sacred at the Birth Altar!

Who's Intuition is Ringing Clear as you read this and who has a Full Body Yes!


Enrollment Doors are Now Open...

... will you step through and realize your Calling?

A Doulas Review

Every time I share about this amazing mentorship I feel like I’m never doing it justice or finding the right words to share just how life changing and invaluable I believe it is.

I believe it is truly invaluable to birth workers (whether you’re already one or brand new).

With such depth in deepening our connection to ourselves, feminine embodiment, physiological birth and everything medicalised birth, it is supporting us to be the absolute best sacred space holders for this rite of passage we can be.

One of my beautiful sisters referred to it as ‚Äúa love letter to being woman‚ÄĚ and I wholeheartedly agree.

If you’re a birth worker/doula or wanting to become one, come and join us in this sacred and supportive sisterhood of sacred birth workers from all over the world!

I’m so grateful to have this container to continuously grow with as a doula.


About Anna.

Anna is a trained former hospital, birth center and home birth Midwife, Woman's Work Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and Coach who's spent over a decade holding sacred space for women in circle, 1:1 sessions and walking alongside women and their families through the Transformational Rite of Passage that is Birth.

Anna has a depth of embodied wisdom when it comes to both the physiology of birth and the spiritual aspects of birth and combines her knowledge in her own birth work as a birth worker as well as a mentor for others.

In her Mentorship Program Anna teaches about natural, physiological birth and how to hold a safe sacred and spiritual space for birth as well about medicalized birth and how to be a sacred birth advocate.

After years of working at home, in birth centers and hospitals and being a part of the broken maternity system that causes 1 in 3 women to experience birth trauma she chose to step out on her own as an educator and change maker and actively work to speak the truth about the power of natural physiological birth and expose the over medicalized maternity system for the harm it is causing women, babies, families and the world at large.

Today she educates and coaches thousands of women on a daily basis through her online courses, coaching, mentorship program, podcast and social media platforms in claiming their rite of passage and optimizing their chances of having an empowering and natural birth and a nourishing postpartum.

Ready to be the Rebellious Physiological Birth Advocate and Sacred Space Holder the World and Women need??


Then join us by putting in your Application Today!



Mentorship Cost

Full Value $17690

$4300 from 1st of August

Early Bird $3300


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