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Anna's Free Resources

Besides her Blog, Podcast & YouTube being Incredible Resources for you, Anna generously also gives you access to her two E-Books and her Home Birth Checklist below totally free of charge.

6 Steps to Having a Natural & Empowering Birth Experience

With a 90% Natural Birth success rate, Anna is here to share with you exactly what you need to do to optimize your chances of having a Natural & Empowering Birth.

It's up to You to Claim your Birth Mama!

Ready to do the work?

Then download the 6 steps!

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Routine Hospital Birth Procedures

Inform yourself and make an Educated Decision!

This is a comprehensive E-Book with 28 full pages for your information and assistance in creating an informed birth plan.

Whether you are having a hospital, birth center or home birth.

A golden gem!

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The Ultimate Home Birth Checklist

A Former Midwife's Top Tips for a Successful Home Birth!

All the things you need to source for a Home Birth

How to Prepare your Birth Space and what you need

The Best Labour Stations and how to Prepare them in your Home

The Best Nourishment in Labour

A Birth Worker's insider tips that will make a world of difference during your labour and birth

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