Tap into your inner resources & wisdom

Through holding a safe and held space Anna can assist you in Working through Fears, Preparing for Birth, Claiming your Rite of Passage, Post Pregnancy Prep as well as working through and Healing previous Birth Trauma.

About Anna

Anna has worked as a Coach and Mentor for Women for over 10 years. She combines her knowledge as a former Midwife with her Embodied Wisdom and Coaching Techniques from years of practice holding a safe and transformational space for women.

  • Ancient Midwifery Wisdom & Embodied Knowledge
  • Answer your questions as an expert natural birth advocate and childbirth educator
  • Embodiment Techniques
  • Guided Somatic & Inner Journeys
  • Visualization & Meditation
  • Tools and techniques specifically for you and your situation
  • Connect you to the right resources/professionals if indicated

Below are the most popular coaching options, however you are welcome to contact Anna directly for a personalized coaching package of your choice.

Anna does not provide medical advice.

A 30min Session with Anna

Are you looking for resources and have questions you'd like to ask Anna?

Explore your choices and get evidence based information and guidance to fully claim your birth.

(You will be sent relevant resources for your unique needs after the call.)
30min Session

1:1 Session with Anna

A Coaching Session

Tailored to You.



Get In Depth, Personalized and Specific Assistance for your unique needs and desires, whether you are looking for emotional, mental, physical or spiritual preparation and support.

(Relevant resources will be sent to you after the session as well as a summary for your reference.)


  • How to claim Birth as a Rite of Passage
  • Ceremony and Ritual around Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
  • Create a Personalized Birth Plan
  • Preparation for your Natural & Empowering Birth
  • Preparation for your Nourishing Postpartum
  • Antenatal / Postpartum Emotional Support
  • Fear Release Sessions



1:1 Session

1 Coaching Session + The Bundle

Get a full 1.5hr Session AND The Bundle (The Natural Birth Course & The Nourishing Postpartum Course) at a heavily discounted price!

Full value price: $627

Save $130!

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Coaching Package with Anna

Exclusive 1:1 Birth & Post Pregnancy Preparation, Education & Coaching uniquely tailored to you and your needs

4 x One on Ones

  • 3 Sessions you can distribute throughout your pregnancy depending on your unique needs.
  • Including The Bundle (The Natural Birth Course & The Nourishing Postpartum Course) for your Empowerment through your Rite.
  • One session for you to use in your Postpartum to be Held, Supported and Witnessed in your Transformation.


Package deal $997

Save $320!

Coaching Package


Birth Trauma Healing

1 in 3 women have experienced Birth Trauma.

You are not alone.

And it's not about what happened, but how you experienced it, feel about it and how it is affecting you. 

It's not normal to feel ongoing sadness, hurt or broken from your birth.


What a session includes;

  • Share your Birth Story Uninterupted with a Compassionate Birth Worker who truly cares.
  • Get an explanation (not a justification) to why things unfolded as they did. So often women haven't gotten the full understanding to the "why?" which is essential to healing.
  • Be Lovingly and Safely Guided through an Internal Processes of a Somatic Nature to Heal the Parts of you who is Hurting.
  • Access you Own Inner Resources to Heal and become Whole.
  • Feel Seen & Witnessed in a Held and Compassionate Space


Two 1:1 Sessions with Anna

What mamas are saying...

Anna's calm presence and intuitive guidance was a great resource to me during my third trimester.

She is a wealth of information for new moms and her podcast has been deeply expanding for me during my pregnancy as to what's possible for a natural birth.

So thankful that I found her through Apple iTunes and that she was able to accommodate a 1:1 coaching session with me to work out and release fears around birth.

Thank you again Anna!


I'm forever grateful for Anna and the safe space she opened up for me to process my birth trauma from my first birth. 

What I love about our session was the combination of talking and also somatic exploring/letting go.

Anna is a great listener and intuitive healer. 

The combination of our session and my following home birth have deeply healed me on so many levels. Today I don’t think about my first birth in rage but in deep gratitude for what I learned because of that experience. 

Thank you Anna for making this shift possible


"We really appreciate the session and I’m definitely going to book another one on one session with anxiety/fear.

Thank you again for all your advice and listening"

Katie Anne

Want some Private 1:1 time with Anna?


Do you have more questions about what kind of 1:1 Session or package would be right for you or do you want to create your own package?

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