Are you wanting a Natural & Empowering Birth Experience?

Then The Natural Birth Course could be for You!


Do you see Birth as a Rite of Passage and an Important and Transformational event that you'd like to feel fully empowered in meeting?

Are you, like many other women, realizing that it is time to take back your power as a birthing woman in the birth space and birth your baby your way?

Would you like to feel calm and confident as you birth your baby with all the tools you need in order to meet the labour sensations naturally and be ready body, mind and soul?

Do you deeply down know that your body was made to birth your baby and that you have all the inherent power and inner wisdom to do so?

Are you looking for holistic birthing wisdom and guidance to assist you and give you all the evidence based information you need in order to feel fully sovereign in your decision making around your pregnancy and upcoming birth?


Then The Natural Birth Course Is for You!

"Loved Annas Online Natural Birth Course! Filled me up with birthing wisdom and filled my heart with love and warmth. Felt totally held and nourished through the whole course... Highly recommend to any pregnant mummas no matter how far along you are. A blessing."


"The wisdom Anna shares in this course is incredibly inspiring, nourishing and empowering. Anna shares valuable processes for releasing fears, relaxation techniques, as well as preparation tips to help you have your dream birth. I highly recommend working with Anna if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or want to learn more to support a friend or family member during pregnancy :)."


More voices about The Natural Birth Course

Mamas sharing their experiences taking The Natural Birth Course


"I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your wonderful course and your support through my pregnancy, we need more resources like yours openly available and recommended in Australia! My little girl, Ria Anzalin, was born at home at 5:44pm yesterday afternoon, in my bath delivered into my arms as I had worked so tirelessly to make happen, your encouragement made all the difference in my confidence to birth at home, thank you."


Expert Advice

40+ videos with invaluable information and practical preparation designed by a former Midwife.

24hr Access

24/7 access to take the course however many times you wish in the comfort of your own home.


Membership in The Maiden, Mother & Maga Village, moderated by Anna.

"I truly recommend this course to any mama to be out there! The material in this course prepares you in the best way possible for what is to come, it's also a great help for the partner/support person, so watch it together! Annas voice is gentle and nurturing and she"holds space" in a way that makes you feel safe. This course is empowering and very important so that women can understand their innate power to birth. We can and are made to do this. The tools presented in this course is of great value. Thank you Anna!"


Let me tell you about the 4 Modules covering all you need to know!

40+ videos, Resources, PDFs, Access to Birth Playlist & Positive Birth Video Playlist, Meditations & Visualizations and Bonus Material.

The Foundation

It's all within you.

The relationship you cultivate with your inner wisdom and intuition is going to be your greatest ally in birth and motherhood. 

As women we have been ridiculed for our depth of emotions and sensitive nature. But within it lies our greatest wisdom. 

In this module I will guide you in one of my most potent coaching tools that will help you instantly connect in with your intuition and body's wisdom. An essential skill that you need to cultivate in order to be a sovereign birthing woman and to use in decision making!

We will dive deeply into discovering your fears of birth in order for you to face them and work through them so that they don't over power you in the birth space. This is one of the most important preparations you can do before birth, whether this is your 1st or 5th baby. Beyond a lesson dedicated to your fears I also lead you in two Fear Release Techniques to assist you in working through your fears.

Learn about how to create a Ceremony Celebrating You as a mother and preparing you emotionally, spiritually and mentally for birth and motherhood. I share different practices you can include and what it can look like. A beautiful way of preparing you for your rite of passage.

Discovering your Dream Birth and learn tools that can help you create a clear vision of your dream birth!

Learn the importance of re-programing your subconscious mind in order to believe in your ability to birth your baby, both consciously and subconsciously. Watch my collection of positive natural birth videos and listen to positive natural birth stories.

And the most important thing in preparing for birth, your connection to your baby. Bonding with your baby in the womb is the best fetal wellbeing insurance and can greatly assist you in your birthing process. Dive deeply within to strengthen your bond already now!

Preparing for Birth

Prepare Body, Mind & Soul

Reading this you know the importance of preparing for birth. To prepare your body temple for the opening and the stamina of birthing your baby. For your mind to be able to surrender to the intense birthing sensation and for your heart and soul to trust in the birthing process.

Learn how to strengthen your body and pelvic floor and how to prepare your perineal tissue to be healthy and elastic for birth.

Learn the importance of optimal baby positioning. Understand how you can influence your baby's positioning in your womb which this can mean a shorter, more efficient birth process! 

Understand how relaxation affects the birth process and how you can access this state by will.

Learn how to effectively hand express colostrum incase your baby needs it the early postpartum hours and days!

Get a midwife's top tips on the most essential preparation for your immediate postpartum that all mamas need to know and what to pack for birth

Whether your having a home birth or birth centre/hospital birth this lesson will give you great expert advise on what to prepare for your birth and postpartum!

This module also includes a video lesson for your partner/support person. Your partner/support person needs to feel safe and trusting when you go into birth. This lesson will give them all they need in order to feel fully prepared to be the best support they can be.


Labour & Birth

Entering The Rite of Passage that is Birth

This module dives deeply into the exploration and explanation of each stage of the labour and birth process and how you can optimize each stage and increase your chances of having a natural birth.

We start with the signs of labour approaching and what you can expect and how you can be in this stage in the most harmonious way.

Learn about Early Labour and what it's like and how to cope and optimize this stage which can be long and drawn out.

Understand the signs of Active Labour and how to be in this phase feeling strong, in control and and how to cope naturally with the intensity.

Dive into Transition & Birth and learn in detail about what to expect, how to naturally work through transition fear/overwhelm, natural pain relief techniques and how to optimize your chances of having a natural vaginal birth.

Understand the Amazing work of the Womb. When you understand the womb and how it works you will understand how you can best work with her during labour and birth, and how important your relationship is in order to birth naturally.

Let me share about the wonders of water. Water is like natures epidural. It is a great pain relief, but also so much more. Learn everything you need to know if you'd like to labour in water or birth in water.

Learn about the most optimal labour and birth positions that can make or break your experience and the perception of pain and how well you move through the stages.

And learn Natural Coping Strategies & Techniques and Essential Oils that can help you through the labour and birth process.


Optimizing your Chances of Having your Dream Birth

Let's Do this Mama!

Let me help you, even further, in the optimization of you having a Natural and Empowering birth Mama!

Understand about the science of pregnancy and due dates and let me help you reach your due date without anxiety and the feeling like you're on the clock of having your baby. Let me help you avoid this all together.

Learn about evidence based ways of naturally ripening your body to be ready for birth when You are ready to birth your baby.

Get expert advise from a midwife on what to research and put in your birth plan! A birth plan is important, whether you are having a home birth, birth centre birth or hospital birth. Let me tell you why and how it will assist you in having a natural and empowering birth.

Take my Dream Birth Visualization and prime your mind for the birth you want to have.

And I continue to add to the Bonus Material & Resources on a regular basis. Here you can find further natural assistance in your preparation body, mind and soul for your birth.


"I embarked upon this course after my first generic prenatal session at the hospital. I knew I needed something more holistic and feminine. The course suited my needs and left me excited about giving birth with many nurturing and empowering take aways."


"Anna, I wanted to thank you for creating this space so that we can all share and be apart off. I was so glad when I happened to stumble across it during my pregnancy. I was after something just like this! It has such a nice intimate/community feel of women supporting women. Thank you also for all your help and support throughout my pregnancy and beyond and for being so attentive, reliable, prompt and detailed in your responses and making yourself so readily available to answer all my questions. I've felt so reassured and it's been so helpful!"


Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for any woman wanting to optimize her chances of having a natural, vaginal birth and knows that a hospital birth class is not enough preparation.

You can take this course at anytime during your pregnancy. The earlier the better to help program your subconscious mind and prep body, mind and soul!

The course is very rich in preparation lessons and valuable information and you are encouraged to take your time.

If you complete each lesson and do what is asked from you in depth, and take time for each lesson to integrate, then a comfortable pace would suggest 4 weeks to complete the course. 

However, if you are close to having your baby then you can speed through and complete the course in a few days.

The beauty of an online course is that you set the pace and can watch it day or night, whenever it suits you from the comfort of your own couch!

A holistic and in depth birth preparation that goes way beyond any hospitals birth classes and other online birth preparation classes that exist today.

Not only do you get expert advise from a midwife, but Anna is also a coach, yoga teacher and women's work facilitator with 10 years experience working with women's embodiment and empowerment.

This course is rich in preparing you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually like no other.

The Natural Birth Course is primarily for pregnant mamas. However, partners & support people benefit greatly from taking it as well. The course helps them to understand the stages of labour, how labour and birth works and how they can assist and be the best support they can be in the birth space.

Many partners & support people have never experienced a birth themselves and it can be overwhelming to see their loved one in perceived distress or pain. This course includes a video entirely directed towards the partner/support person in order to prepare them and encourages them to continue to watch the course as well, to truly understand birth.


Midwifes, Doulas & Birth workers can also find value in the richness of this course beyond traditional childbirth education.

"As a doula and prenatal yoga teacher I really enjoyed Annas Natural Birth Course. It has so much valuable information explained with so much softness and loving care. Truly recommend it for pregnant women and as great inspiration for birth workers."


Healing from Birth Trauma

Sara healed from her previous Traumatic Birth by taking The Natural Birth Course. Using Fear Release Techniques, Understanding why her previous birth progressed the way it did and now understanding the labour and birth process and the work of the womb really helped Sara. She now feels excited about her upcoming birth.


Sara Isabella about the Course

"I am 30 weeks pregnant with my first child.

In the midst of gathering knowledge and experiences about pregnancy and birth in my local community and online, this online course has relieved and nourished me.

The different modules and themes are easy to digest for both my right and left brain, for my mind and my heart. The structure and chapters were very clear and easy to access. This course has inspired me to receive this unique experience (pregnancy) more deeply and clearly.

I deeply appreciate the anchor held in seeing the birth experiences as a rites of passage spiraling us into our inner wisdom and worlds beyond this one.

This course gave me information and wisdom both.

It has given me an overall alignment with the birth process as the chapters walked me through different stages of birth and preparations step by step.

Details and specifics that were valuable to me were baby & birth positions, perineum massage, natural induction, natural fear and pain relief, the playlist of positive birth videos, freezing in colostrum, partner participation, gathering friends and family for postpartum.

The calm pastel colors, pictures, videos, and exercises, speak to my body and give me a sense of aliveness, being on track and aligned with the magic of life.

I hope you let yourself be nourished by this course too!"

A Midwife & Mum of 5's Testimonial


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Expert Advice

Checklists & Resources

Meditations & Visualizations

1 year Membership in The Village

Access to Monthly Sharing Circles & Mama's Q&A with Anna


The Bundle



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The Natural Birth Course

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Expert Advice

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Meditations & Visualizations

1 year Membership in The Village

Access to Monthly Sharing Circles & Mama's Q&A with Anna

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The Bundle includes The Nourishing Postpartum Course, Your Ultimate Guide to a Healing and Nourishing Postpartum!

The Nourishing Postpartum Course

An in-depth course designed to assist mothers to be in preparing for and having the most nourishing, easeful and lovely postpartum experience with her little newborn baby. 

Learn how to prepare for the golden hours after birth and how to heal and recover as a Newborn Mother.

Get ready for and feel comfortable about breastfeeding a newborn and everything about baby care! And learn about your baby's way of communication, crying and settling techniques and so much more...

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First Time Mama Josie shares about The Bundle

Josie from Holland shares her experience of The Bundle and how it helped her feel calm and prepared for both birth and her postpartum.


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